What is the Benefit of Hiring A Remote Employee

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Hiring a remote worker may seem like an odd choice at first, compared to the tried-and-tested routine of hiring local employees. But there are many benefits to hiring a remote worker or giving already existing employees the ability to work from home or away from the office. Enabling your web of business and allowing your remote employees to check in at regular intervals is a must to claim these benefits.

The best part is that the entire business does not need to be run online to claim the benefits of being a remote worker.

Some of the benefits of hiring remote workers:

Less Paper Waste

The first obvious advantage is the reduction in paper wastage due to most of the correspondence being sent through digital means. Reducing paper waste not only helps in increasing the efficiency of organizing documents but also helps in saving money.

The lack of any physical files means that conveying documents is instantaneous, and does not incur postage or printing costs. This is influenced by the fact that most people have smartphones, which give them instant access to email.

Reducing paper waste also benefits the environment. Going paperless helps reduce the number of trees that need to be cut and processed to make paper, in addition to reducing energy consumption, allowing a business to reduce when various printers, fax machines, and copiers are idle. will use energy.

Cost Savings

The money that will be spent on real estate and subsequent utility bills such as water, electricity, and maintenance will come down to a great extent. Allowing employees to work from home or away from the office will drastically reduce the number of unscheduled absences due to illness or troublesome weather.

With the rise in gas prices and later the cost of public transportation, getting to and from work is becoming more expensive, business is not alone in saving money. In a survey conducted by ConnectSolutions, the average remote worker said they saved about $4,600 per year by working from home.

Traffic-related stress is gone

Having remote workers will not only benefit the business, but the workers themselves will benefit from working at home. A study conducted in Sweden showed that traveling for more than 45 minutes to just one partner in marriage increases the couple’s chances of divorce by 40%.

It also opens doors for potentially great employees who are too far away to commute or live in another country. This works especially well if you want top-level talent but the budget won’t cover it properly, so you can find an employee overseas who is willing to do the work you’re looking for at a low cost.

Not only will your business bottom line improve, but the happiness of your employees will increase as well. Happy employees are more productive, save time, and get more done with extra time.

Decrease in employee turnover

Estimates suggest that to replace an employee who makes $50,000 per year, your business would cost 20% of their salary. Jobs that require a high level of training and education will greatly increase their turnover cost. Thus, many companies are using remote work as a perk to retain their best talent.

According to the Reference for Business website, losing an employee usually hampers productivity. Once a replacement employee is hired, it will require weeks or possibly months of training before they can produce to the level of the former employee. These setbacks to time and productivity can be avoided by hiring a more experienced employee.

When you consider that 95% of employers say remote working has a high impact on employee retention, it’s no surprise that two-thirds of employees are looking to ease their commute, modernize an old company, or start a new one. Will go to another job to do it. Keeping remote working in mind is definitely a step in the right direction for both the company and the employee.

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