What is the Wireless Headphone technology?

Introduction: Wireless headphones are a trend in this advanced technology. You can easily connect to a variety of devices without messy wires and limited speed. Here are three ways to connect devices wirelessly: Infrared, Radio, and Bluetooth. But, we will focus more on Bluetooth technology as it is widely recognized wireless connectivity. Also, most gadgets … Read more

List of 5th Generation fighter jets in the world

1. USAF F-22 Raptor-   Country- the USA,  Manufacturer- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics,  Max speed- 2.25 Mach, Range- 3000 Km, Ferry range- 3220 Km, Service ceiling- 65000 feet, Gross weight- 19700Kg, max weight- 29410Kg, Air to  Air and Air to Ground missiles are loaded. 2. PLAAF Chengdu J-20- Country- China, Manufacturer- Chengdu aerospace corporation,  Max speed- 2.0 … Read more