What is the region of China and Taiwan’s conflicts?

Where is Taiwan? Firstly, Taiwan is an island. it is roughly 100 miles from the coast of southeast China. It sits within the so-called “first island chain”. which incorporates an inventory of US-friendly territories that are crucial to US policy. If China was to require over Taiwan, some western experts suggest. it might be freer … Read more

List of 5th Generation fighter jets in the world

1. USAF F-22 Raptor-   Country- the USA,  Manufacturer- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics,  Max speed- 2.25 Mach, Range- 3000 Km, Ferry range- 3220 Km, Service ceiling- 65000 feet, Gross weight- 19700Kg, max weight- 29410Kg, Air to  Air and Air to Ground missiles are loaded. 2. PLAAF Chengdu J-20- Country- China, Manufacturer- Chengdu aerospace corporation,  Max speed- 2.0 … Read more