How to Change Your Twitter Handle and Lock Your Account Private?

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Twitter is a popular platform for expressing your studies, following your favorite celebrities, staying streamlined on the rearmost news, and connecting with musketeers and associates. Whether you are looking to modernize your Twitter handle or enhance your sequestration, this composition will guide you through the process. We will cover how to change your Twitter handle and make your Twitter account private.

Part 1 How to Change Twitter Handle?

Your Twitter handle is your unique username on the platform. It’s essential for imprinting yourself and engaging with others. However, then is how to do it
If you want to change it.
1. Log in to Your Twitter Account: Go to Twitter and login with your current credentials.

2. Access Your Profile Settings: Click on your profile picture or your current profile name, and a drop-down menu will appear. elect” Profile.”

3. Edit Profile: On your profile runner, you will see an” Edit profile” button; click on it.

4. Edit Your Username: Under the” Username” section, you can class in your new asked Twitter handle. ensure it’s available and does not exceed the 15- 15-character limit. Twitter will also check for any character restrictions.

5. Save Changes: Once you’ve chosen a new handle, click the” Save” button to confirm. Twitter will also modernize your username, and you are each set!

Please note that changing your Twitter handle might affect the discoverability of your account for a short time, and some links may become outdated.

Part 2 How to make Twitter Account Private?

still, making your Twitter account private is the way to go, If you want further control over who can see your tweets and follow you. Then is how

1. Log in to Your Twitter Account: Access your Twitter account using your current login information.

2. Access sequestration Settings:  Click on your profile picture or your current profile name and select” Settings and sequestration” from the drop-down menu.

3. Sequestration and Safety: In the left sidebar, you will find” sequestration and safety.” Click on it to pierce the sequestration settings.

4. Cover Your Tweets: Under the” Tweets” section, you will see an option to” cover your Tweets.” Check the box to make your account private. Twitter will explain how this affects your account’s visibility.

5. Confirm Changes: After opting to ” cover your Tweets,” Twitter will prompt you to confirm the changes. Click the” cover” button to make your Twitter account private.

Now, only approved followers can see your tweets, and your tweets will not appear in public hunt results.


Changing your Twitter handle and making your Twitter account private are fairly simple processes. By following the way outlined in this companion, you can ensure that your Twitter experience aligns with your particular preferences, whether it’s for particular branding or enhanced sequestration. Enjoy Twittering with your streamlined handle and newfound control over your account’s sequestration settings! if you want to delete your social media accounts or Twitter accounts you can learn here.

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