How to Choose The right Gloss For Your Lips

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It must be remembered that perfection is ten percent inspiration and ten percent perspiration. So finding the lip gloss that best matches the lip color and lip tone is an endeavor that requires patience, persistence, and a bit of luck. Hopefully, the following tips will improve your chances of finding the right lip gloss for your lips.

1. Be open, don’t forget to experiment!

There are many types brands of lip gloss and each has different prices. A $7 lip gloss purchased at the neighborhood drugstore isn’t necessarily higher quality than an $18 pool lip gloss compact. Lips can only feel the texture, smoothness, and silkiness of the glass or its heaviness, stickiness, or stickiness. Lips care little about how much lip gloss costs or where to buy it. While sometimes high-end lip glosses give a super-glossy feel that almost glistens happily on the lips, there aren’t even super-expensive lip glosses like Bon Bells that give high-end brands a run for their money. can A label not everything? Sometimes a great find can be found at dollar stores. Try your good luck, win or lose, it’s all worth a dollar. But if you’re shopping at a drugstore or Walmart, make sure you do extensive research on the lip gloss product you’re considering buying, because drugstores don’t carry out tests.

2. A glow doesn’t last forever

– Re-applied to preserve color

– Some brands, even the best brands, fade after a few hours

– Some people don’t really like the feeling of heavy shine

– Judge your lip color by no one else

3. Selection advice
perfect lips

Make sure to choose a lip gloss based on your lip color, as the color of your lips automatically affects the color of the gloss applied over it. Never make a choice based on how good or bad a lip gloss looks on Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie. Jennifer has thin yellow lips while Angelina has fuller lips. Of course, your world is different from theirs, if not better. Lip gloss colors look different for different people. Your lip color plays an important role, as your natural lip color shines through. Thus your natural Lipton, the pigmentation of the lip gloss, how comfortable it is to apply, and everything you are looking for in a lip gloss. Obviously, it’s as unique, personal, and individual as it gets.

4. Not that glitter is good

No matter how cold it is, make sure that the lip gloss applied to the lips feels comfortable, almost as if it’s not there. Lip gloss shine that feels scary or sharp shouldn’t be tolerated by the lips or you. Don’t be afraid to return it to the store and politely explain your problem to the store clerk or – preferably – the store manager. It should be replaced with a less gritty tube. But if the same problems persist, maybe it’s time to switch to another brand, especially one that doesn’t have too much shine that damages it.

Be realistic, lip gloss gives lips a smooth shine, no kissable cotton-soft lips. Lip balms do that. Balms are not shiny. But it makes the lips soft. Apply lip balm before applying lip gloss, this is to moisturize the lips. Bright should be – you guessed it – bright. If that doesn’t work, go to the shop or store where it was purchased, you should get the product you purchased it for.

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