How To Make The Perfect Resume

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A resume is something that you cannot take lightly. It should contain detailed descriptions of all your achievements and almost all relevant details of your life and educational records. By context, I mean only those essential characteristics that an employer looks for in a qualified applicant. Some may not know this, but from the point of view of the HR officer, resume details that have nothing to do with the status of the application are definitely a minus point for any potential candidate.

The resume is succinct, especially for fresh graduates. Job applicants with years or decades of experience can add additional sheets to include their significant achievements in their previous jobs. Be aware that an overly detailed resume will send a different signal to the human resources manager. Keep the resume simple, well detailed, proportionate, and most importantly – honest.

Here are well-researched tips that will turn any soft resume into a sociable one:
1. Highlight what is being asked.

Give a good look at the job post. Ask yourself if you really meet the criteria, because there will be ten to hundreds more people in line who want that job, and if they know what responsibilities the job entails, they’ll be better off than you. Will submit my resume.

Make sure your related achievements and work experience make up 50% or more of the entire content of the resume. Your career objective must be relevant to the position; It should be only one sentence long, and not too verbose that the human resources officer may choose to ignore it.

2. Use Powerful Words

Avoid indicating second or third place, unless it is a city, state, or national event you attended. Instead of first place, you can say that you were the champion of that event. Don’t use words like “think”, “beginner”, “intermediate” and “part”. Instead, choose powerful words such as “trust”, “learner”, “advanced” and “assets” respectively. Remember that resumes are meant to impress, not just inform.

3. Do not mention your religious beliefs, age, gender, parents’ names, and other irrelevant information.
These details are in resume form, which can be requested by your employer once hired. You should avoid giving any kind of wrong information in the resume.

4. If you are a college graduate, skip your elementary education and high school education.
Whereas if you are currently graduating from a university, or are just out of high school, you can include the name of your high school in your resume.

5. Keep in mind the font style and font size as well as the consistency of the margins.

Be inclined to use Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman as the font types, and make sure the font style doesn’t change until the end of the resume. Don’t use Comic Sans or any “delicious” font type. Don’t enlarge your font size just to fill in the blanks. For fresh graduates, trim your resume to one page without sacrificing its readability. The margin should be equal on each side of the paper. In other words, don’t mess with the design of the resume.

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