How to Raise Funds From Crowdfunding

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When starting a crowdfunding campaign, you may wonder how to raise money quickly. In this article, we will talk about some crowdfunding tips that can help you raise more money for your startup. Depending on the type of platform and campaign, you can adapt and modify these tips. Read on to find out more.

Tip-1: Do your homework

This advice can only work for you if you have time to prepare these campaigns. In general, it takes about 11 days to do the homework and get ready to start this campaign. Depending on your fundraising and campaign type, your time requirements may vary. Here are some tips that can help you ready:

• find the best fundraising advice from the internet
• Choose the best crowdfunding platform
• Consider other successful campaigns
• Learn how to request donations
• Take a Decision if you should organize an event

Tip 2: Ask for funds early

If you think that you just need to launch a campaign page and the money will start flowing, you need to think again. In the United States, there are more than 200 crowdfunding platforms. So, what are the chances that your campaign will be found?

So, what you should do is promote the campaign on the same day you launch it, which will help you stand out from the crowd. According to statistics, about 50% of startups collect most of the money during the first and last three days of the campaign.

You can use the built-in sharing mechanism of your crowdfunding platform to spread the word about your startup. This can include Twitter, Facebook, and email, to name a few.

Tip 3: Research potential investors

Look for investors who are willing to provide money for a particular cause. For example, if you know a family member, neighbor, or colleague who has lost a loved one to cancer, they are likely to be willing to donate money to a cancer research campaign.

Tip 4: Be clear about where the money is going

If you want your potential investors to trust your crowdfunding campaign, we suggest being clear about where the money is going. It is even better to be as specific as possible. By keeping investors informed about your campaign, you can build their trust and they will continue to invest more money in your startup.

Tip 5: Offer incentives

For investors, incentives work like magic but they only work in specific campaign types. The good news is that crowdfunding campaigns are most successful when it comes to creative and adventurous projects. Below are some of the common incentives you can offer potential investors:

• Free tickets for a match, concert, or show
Media call
• Caps and hats
• T-shirts

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