Setting The Mood With Your First Date

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There is nothing more romantic than signaling designed solely for romance.

When it comes to seducing a woman if you want to make a really great impression on us then you want to pull out all the stops and have a romantic date without waiting for a specific occasion. Not to mention that there is no rule that says you have to wait for a certain day or time.

Special tip to knowing a little about your woman

This particular tip requires knowing a little about your woman and what she likes and doesn’t. But you don’t need to know him like the back of your hand to have a truly romantic evening for the two of you to share. The most important thing is to consider what you know he finds romantic and then do your best to make it up to him. The fact that you thought about him and wanted to romance him will really impress him and make him feel really special.


Many of these suggestions will take relatively little time to prepare. Remember, sometimes it is the smallest gesture that really makes a woman feel special. The first romantic setting is a candlelight picnic in a park or other quiet location. It will definitely make your lady feel extra special. No special occasion is required. It’s also easy to put together with a bottle of wine, some cheese, strawberries, whatever the two of you like.

If you have a portable CD player you can bring it along with a disc of romantic music and you will have an evening that the two of you are sure to remember. Just don’t forget to check the weather condition and be sure to bring a blanket!

The next suggestion I have for any season is a nice candlelight meal that includes her favorite food and dessert at your place. Make sure you have soft, romantic music and a nice bottle of wine when you are planning this evening. Her favorite flower would be an extra nice touch. This meal can be prepared by you or can be ordered and picked up from a restaurant.

As long as you’ve taken care to make him like it, it’s sure to be a huge hit! If your space gets a little messy, be sure to take extra time to clean it so it doesn’t fall on your tennis shoes or gym bag.

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