What is 5G Technology and what is used of?

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It is the Latest and upcoming Technology in some countries. 5G technology is the 5th Generation of mobile technology. Whereas we are using 4G,3G, and 2G Technology. 3rd Generation partnership project driving many essential events in all aspects of 5G development. it is a Higher multi GBPS speed network and low latency whereas downloading and surfing speeds so much Higher than the 4G mobile network.

Difference between 5G network and 4G network.

  1. As per speed 5G is Faster than 4G.
  2. As per data delivery capacity is more than 4G.
  3. 5G latency is low as per 4G Latency.
  4. 5G spectrum is Better than the 4G spectrum.

Uses of 5G technology.

  1. it enhanced mobile broadband capacity.
  2. mission-critical communications and the massive IoT- in today’s era we are developing fastly our machinery are totally based on wireless networks so wireless network required faster speed at low latency and high bandwidth example- Automatic traffic control system and wireless automation devices and wifi Access point.

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