Why You Should Visit Beautiful British Columbia

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Firstly, If you can visit only one part of Canada right now, British Columbia should be that. It is a diverse province that has something for everyone, from truly amazing cities and remote islands to diverse ecosystems and waterfalls.

1. Natural beauty

The north of British Columbia is a lesser-visited region of Canada, but it offers much in the way of pure, pure natural beauty; From its dense forests and stunning fords to its raging rivers, terrifying peaks, and abundance of fauna.

2. Vancouver Island and Victoria

Vancouver Island offers one of the world’s most isolated ecosystems on the planet. The island has rain forests, swamps, grasslands, beaches, mountains, oceans, and rivers and lakes, making it a habitat for many wildlife including black bears, cougars, wolves, elk, and deer!

Victoria is the capital of charming British Columbia, located on Vancouver Island. With Victorian architecture and colorful buildings, Victoria is a very popular destination. Our recommended places to visit are Beacon Hill Park, Butcher Gardens, the Royal British Columbia Museum, and the British Columbia Parliament Building.

A quick trip across the Straits of Georgia takes you up to Whistler Mountain, which offers unbeatable skiing and snowboarding, the Sunshine Coast, and the world-class downtown Vancouver. See our attractive and eclectic Vancouver Island and Georgia Strait itinerary for more information.

3. Whale and Orca Spotting

British Columbia is one of only a few destinations where you can experience a three-hour whale-watching boat tour! This amazing coastal excursion offers you the chance to see orcas, gray whales, porpoises, harbor seals, and other incredible marine wildlife!

4. Experience the Canadian Rockies

Explore British Columbia and the Rockies in comfort and style. Take the Rocky Climber Train through the beautiful terrain of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, passing steep canyons and witnessing the awe-inspiring snow-capped peaks of the Rockies. You also see a grizzly bear or two!

5. Waterfalls

Canada may have Niagara Falls in the south, but the breathtaking Alexander Falls, Della Falls (one of Canada’s tallest waterfalls), and Bridal Veil Falls in British Columbia are to name but a few!

6. Vancouver

Overlooking the mountains of the North Shore, Vancouver is a word-of-mouth city and port that is bursting with style, vibrancy, character, and beauty. The city is full of culture, including art galleries, museums, restaurants, concerts, and nightlife.

When visiting, we suggest riding the tramway to the summit of Grouse Mountain or perhaps renting a bike to visit the incredible Stanley Park, which has beautiful beaches, wildlife, as well as 400-hectares of the rainforest.

Enjoy lumberjack shows during the summer, Grouse Mountain Wildlife Refuge for endangered wildlife including the Grizzly Bear and Timber Wolf, as well as birds in motion performances!

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