List of 5th Generation fighter jets in the world

1. USAF F-22 Raptor-   Country- the USA,  Manufacturer- Lockheed Martin Aeronautics,  Max speed- 2.25 Mach, Range- 3000 Km, Ferry range- 3220 Km, Service ceiling- 65000 feet, Gross weight- 19700Kg, max weight- 29410Kg, Air to  Air and Air to Ground missiles are loaded. 2. PLAAF Chengdu J-20- Country- China, Manufacturer- Chengdu aerospace corporation,  Max speed- 2.0 … Read more

Secure Rockets for Broadband by Amazon

This Projects Target is to provide Broadband connection by using 3236 satellites. already exists 2300 satellites in Orbit. Arianespace, Blue Origin made the rockets. The main target of this project is to provide high speed and low latency to Business offices, Houses, Areas, Agencies, companies, mobile companies, internet providers, etc. Now Amazon has a plan to … Read more

5G Technology: The Mind-Blowing Revolution That Will Change EVERYTHING!

Introduction: In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is more important than ever. Whether it’s streaming videos, playing online games, or simply keeping in touch with loved ones, our demand for high-speed internet is skyrocketing. Enter 5G technology, the latest and greatest in wireless connectivity. But what exactly is 5G, and how does it work? Let’s … Read more