How to build a new website in PHP

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New website owners and existing website owners alike make a very common but very costly mistake. They find web designers first and then SEOs later. Unfortunately, what these entrepreneurs don’t realize is that everything that goes into building a new website will affect your SEO campaign. They typically transfer thousands of dollars to a new website, only to find that there are a lot of areas that need to be rebuilt for an optimal SEO campaign.

I will identify 6 key areas of concern, with the hope that even a small percentage of these website owners will be able to document this in time, ie before they start developing their websites.

1) Register and host a domain name.

When you register your website address, make sure that you have registered it for at least 5 years. Sites that register their site for a short period of time send a red flag to Google, which ends up thinking that the website is linked to another website owned by the same person/company to help it get a good rank. has been registered in the hope of a short term. When choosing your domain name, don’t choose a URL full of hyphens between all of your keywords. It is important to target your visitors more than search engines.

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2) Create a Static URL.

This is one of the most overlooked but important things you can do to ensure the success of your SEO campaign. By removing dynamic parameters in your website URLs, you ensure that search engine bots will have no problem indexing all of your pages. Static URLs can be created using the mod Rewrite command in the .htaccess file in the root folder of your server. Here’s an example of a dynamic URL (which you want to avoid) and a static URL (which you want):



Make sure any potential programmer or designer you hire understands that this will be an absolute requirement of the job.

3) Edit header tag.

There are three areas in the header tag that you’ll want to be able to edit yourself or edit for your SEO. They are page title, meta tag, and keyword meta tag. Controlling these pages for each of your top-level pages (all pages that link to your homepage) will be critical to your website’s success in search engines. You definitely don’t want these to be the same on every page (they need to be unique and reflect the nature of the content on a given page). For other pages that will be generated at larger sizes, you will need to make sure that you have a variable string (your web designer/web programmer will figure out what this is) for each of the three fields involved so that they be automatically populated with content of the appropriate length and reflect the content on the specified page.

Again, make sure the designer/programmer understands that this is a requirement of the job.

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4) Simple and clean code.

Ideally, you want to define all of the aesthetic properties that different types of text on your site will have in a separate CSS file. This means that you want to avoid using as many tags as possible, especially the font, size, and color tags. You also want to avoid creating PHP scripts that are either long, have lots of unnecessary steps, or rely heavily on JavaScript. It’s best to avoid using Javascript as much as possible.

Remember, the most important thing your site can do is make it easy for search engine bots to scroll through your website code and follow all the links it finds. When you have unnecessary code and scripts on your site, it makes it more difficult for them to run, which hurts your SEO campaign. Make sure everyone helping you build your site understands that there is a mission to build the cleanest, simplest code possible. If you have questions about it or don’t understand it, it’s best to talk to an SEO expert about it to make sure it’s done correctly.

5) Make sure the visual text is editable.

The writing in your site’s text is one of the most important areas for you or an optimizer to help you increase your site’s ranking. Making sure that either of you can edit it at your convenience is important to your overall SEO campaign. This is because the search engine algorithms will change from time to time, and this may mean that the strategy implemented in the past may not be sufficient, so you need to be able to change it to keep up with the latest SEO technology. is required.

6) Site Structure.

Considering the nature of PHP, your site is most likely (and should be) built up by a chain that holds all the pieces of a given page together. You want to make sure that the layout and placement of the graphics and navigational links you include are strategic. Remember, you don’t want to pay someone to go back and do it again, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

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