Important Herbs For Hair Growth

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Hair is made up of a Keratin protein. The hair we see and care about a lot is nothing more than dead cells. The part that remains under the skull is called the follicle. Near the follicle are sebaceous glands that make the hair shiny and shiny. These sebaceous glands make hair oily or dry due to oil production.

The uses of herbs for hair growth are as follows:

The first positive thing about using herbs for hair growth is that they do not cause any side effects like the medicines available on the market. If your hair is lifeless, then it can be improved by massaging it with some good herbal oil.

1. Firstly Apply natural products to dark hair. some brands are a very traditional and widely used remedy for hair growth. This herb is available in the tropics. the natural product is mixed with other herbs such as amla, coffee, and lemon juice. This mixture is a very good remedy for hair fall.

2. Massage your hair with warm oil. Take a fresh green coconut and massage a little warm coconut milk into your hair. Keep for one and a half hours. This will keep the hair smooth and healthy.

3. Aloe vera gel
  • Apply aloe vera gel to your hair once a week and wash your hair.
  • Aloe vera has many active ingredients and minerals that can help strengthen your hair.
  • Controls greasy hair.
  • Helps an itchy scalp.
  • Protection from UV damage.
  • Hair growth.

4. Hair loss is usually caused by an infection that damages the hair follicles. You can get rid of this infection by applying water with boiled neem leaves to your hair for 5 minutes. Neem is a natural antiseptic and does not damage the hair shaft. It is also known to treat dandruff which is one of the reasons for hair fall.

5. Mix honey with a spoonful of cinnamon powder in hot oil and massage it on the head. It should be left on the scalp for 15 minutes. It aids in hair growth and helps in maintaining the smoothness and shine of the hair.

6. Mix mashed olive leaves with vinegar and apply to the hair. It is a good remedy for hair loss.

7. Honey and egg yolk paste are also used for hair growth. To combat egg odor, you can counteract it by rinsing your hair with lemon juice.


Doctors recommend taking a diet rich in nutrients that promote hair growth. If you want to stop hair fall then you should consume a diet rich in Vitamin A. Eat green leafy vegetables like spinach, milk, beans, and lettuce. Increase your intake of a high protein diet and you will have naturally healthy hair which promotes hair growth. Good hair adds to your personality and a healthy body can be covered only by beautiful hair. Eating a nutritious diet and high protein diets that are healthy for your health will add to your glory.

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