Innovation is The Life Blood Of Your Business

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If you are running or running a business and you want it to continue, you need to spend a significant portion of your time innovating. This is because, in a fast-paced world, where people expect things to get better, cheaper, and cheaper, innovation is your way to get ahead of your competition.

Here are 7 ways to breathe new blood into your organization through innovation.
1. Create an innovative environment.

Göran Ekvall of Lund University in Sweden has identified three necessary conditions for an innovative environment. They are confidence, dynamism, and humor. One of the case studies conducted by Equal was a Swedish newspaper where the team working in the women’s division consistently outperformed all other teams. the reason? Quite simply, the group trusted each other, had a high level of energy, and shared a sense of humor.

2. Laundry

The development of creativity. According to the Roffey Park Management Institute, people shine most when they are away from work and do not force their conscious minds to find solutions to their problems. For some, thoughts come when mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk, playing golf, or waiting at the train station. For Isaac Newton, it was an apple to the head as he sat in the garden. For Archimedes, he was in the bath. for others while washing dishes; That’s why Rovi Parks calls these flashes of insight: “washable creativity.”

3. Building new relationships.

Creating new connections between existing features of your product or service is a common way to innovate. Sony President Akio Morita said he invented the Walkman because he wanted to listen to music while navigating between shots on his golf course. His team simply assembled two incompatible products: a tape recorder and a transistor radio.

4. Find out what people need.

Necessity is a great incentive for innovation. Take writing a paper, for example. The Chinese had already made paper from rags around 100 BC, but since there was no need for it, nothing came of it. When it arrived in medieval Europe, when writing was in full swing, the rags and worn-out fabrics soon ran out of supply. It was then that the French naturalist discovered that the wasp makes its nest in thin layers of dry mash by chewing on wood. Within 100 years, all paper was made using the idea of ​​wood pulp.

5. Test

Product testing is the way most inventors and organizations innovate. It may not be the fastest way to success, but it is often foolproof. For example, Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine by spending most of his time testing and testing and finding out what consistently didn’t work. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the filament light bulb, recorded 1,300 experiments that failed completely. But he was able to keep going because, he said, he knew 1,300 ways that wouldn’t work.

6. Adoption and approval

A relatively easy way to innovate is to learn how others tackle problems and then adapt their solutions accordingly. This is known as “adaptation and adoption.” Watchmaker Swatch did just that when they realized that the more reliable their watches were, the fewer people would need to replace them. their solution? Borrow an idea from the world of fashion and collections by turning your watches into desirable fashion accessories. Now people buy Swatch watches not only to know the time but also because it is good to do so.

7. Take lessons from nature

If you really want to be creative, you can’t beat nature. The natural world gives us an endless supply of prototypes to use in our world. Take Velcro, for example. Georges de Mestral patented Velcro in 1950 after returning from a hunting trip covered in small burrows that attach themselves to their clothing with small, interlocking hooks. De Mestral soon realized that there was an ideal technique here for gluing materials together. A new way of doing things was suddenly invented.

World history is the history of innovation. Thomas Kuhn described each acceptance of new innovation as a “paradigm shift”. Once a new innovation is accepted, the world changes forever and it can never go back to the way it was.

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