Some Important Things You Should Know When Travelling to Russia

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Russia may not be ideal for most travelers looking to explore Europe. With its dubious state of peace and stability, especially in parts of Chechnya where the vestiges of communist rule still linger for most, and cold conditions throughout the country, especially in winter, Russia must be welcoming to most. But it was the first. Now, although there are still shadows of Soviet history, Russia is a place worth visiting.

Travelers will not be disappointed by the many historical sites that show how rich Russian culture is. There are many museums, monuments, and untouched nature.

Cheap trips to Russia

Traveling to Russia can be quite expensive given the country’s remoteness. But with so many online travel companies, the price is much lower than it used to be.

To find cheap and affordable travel in Russia, just check out websites that specialize in cheap travel. Walking and package tours are available for groups and families who choose to stay in Russia.

About Russia

Although Moscow and St. Petersburg Petersburg is the capital of the country, Russia has many foreign countries to discover. However, be careful when traveling. Make sure you know exactly which places you plan to visit.

You may have trouble communicating with the locals, especially if you are away from the two cities. But if you can understand Russian, you won’t have any problem.

Russia is a big country. In fact, it is the largest country in the world, twice the size of the United States. It stretches from Europe to Asia and is divided into 11 time zones.

The weather has been an important factor for those planning a trip to Russia – that is if you are traveling to the Siberian Peninsula. Most go to Russia after the winter. This is usually May-September. Contrary to the usual action, the temperature is perfect during these times.

Safety Tips and Techniques

If you decide to move to Russia, learn as much as you can. Learn about the language, the people, the culture, how to get around, and especially – where the US Embassy is located.

Pack lightly when packing. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and expensive jewelry. Don’t show your wallet in public. Use a money belt that can be worn around the neck. It protects more than a wallet. Be careful in crowded places such as public markets, public transport, and tourist attractions. Beware of pickpockets at all times.

When traveling from one place to another, do not hit unmarked taxis and vehicles. Likewise, don’t share taxis with strangers. If you plan to travel by bus or train, you must take special precautions.

If you plan to drink in a public place, make sure you have someone to keep you safe. Any sign of intoxication can attract professional burglars and thieves.

Make sure others know your itinerary and contact numbers and travel documents such as your passport number before you return home. If something goes wrong, they know where to find you. Make enough photocopies of your airline tickets, passports, visas, and all your travel documents. Leave a copy at home or with someone you know.

Check travel warnings and avoid parts of Ingushetia, Chechnya in the North Caucasus, parts of eastern and southern Stavropol Territory, and Dagestan. These destination places can be dangerous for tourists

Avoid drinking tap water. Drink bottled water instead. If bottled water is not available, boil the water before drinking.

All of these can help you complete your Russia trip safely.

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