Tips for Your First Online Date with Someone

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  1. Get some rest beforehand Whatever helps you de-stress, you should try to do it before your date – whether it’s listening to music, watching your favorite show or movie, taking a bubble bath, going to the gym (I’m lazy) but obviously it works for some people), going for a walk, or having lunch with a friend to talk about in advance.

You’ll feel refreshed afterward and go on a date with less pressure on your shoulders. Now you can focus on your date and have fun with a clear mind.

  1. Plan Something Casual But Interactive
    Coffee dates or drinks at a bar are usually first dates because they’re quick and easy, but then you rely heavily on having a good conversation. Of course, you’d like that, but if the two of you are participating in an activity the jokes naturally go back and forth. playing putt-putt, pool, darts, or bowling; checking out fairs or theme parks; walking around town with your coffee; Going to the zoo, aquarium, or botanical garden – these are all great examples.

Photo coffee dates of a couple on a date at a fair are less stressful and quick, but you’re putting a lot of pressure on the conversation. Having something to do will help things flow more smoothly.
Be careful though. If you choose something difficult then things can have the opposite effect on you. Some date ideas we’d suggest staying away from including attending a dancing, cooking, or painting class, taking a hot air balloon ride (where you’re stuck together for 30 minutes or more), karaoke Singing, or going rollerblading. These activities are fun, but they put an impression on people to be good. You don’t want to feel unhappy if your date sucks at it (or if you do).

  1. Tell a friend where/when you are going
    A group of my friends are teachers, so they always say “Stranger Danger!” Whenever one of us is talking or doing something with some unknown person. This also includes going on dates. I’m not saying your date is going to be axed, but there’s no harm in maintaining this mindset and taking some precautions.

At least for the first date, tell a friend or family member where you’re going and who you’ll be with (their first and last name, what they look like, etc.). Text them when you go on a date, when you’re leaving, and when you get home so they know everything is going well and you’re safe.

  1. Have you made any plans to leave later if you both want more or if you want to end the date?
    We’re all fans of planning something right after your first date, even if it’s something small. It could be a drink with a friend, a movie with your sister, or just the fact that you have to go to bed because you have an early day the next day.

It’s a good idea to have a picture of a woman planning something right after your date, like having a drink with a friend. If it’s not going well it gives you out, or, if it’s going well, it builds up excitement for the next time.

  1. Meet on the spot
    No matter how long you’ve been talking to this person online, you may not know them, even if you think so. For the first two dates, if they offer to pick you up, it’s a good idea to politely decline and offer to meet at the dating site. Once you get in a car with someone, they have a lot of control.

You never know when something might go wrong – they may drink too much and not be able to drive, you may get into a fight and want to leave, or an emergency may strike. Of course, you can also get an Uber or Lyft, but you’ll probably feel a lot better knowing you have access to your own car.

  1. Be open-minded
    You both probably have high expectations about what the other person is going to be like in real life and how the date is going to go, but try to get them out of your mind if you can and just be there for the moment. You don’t want to be disappointed when you don’t live up to what you were thinking.

The picture of an open mind You probably have expectations from your online conversations, but keep an open mind. He can be nervous and a little out of his game.
It can be easier for people to be themselves when online because they are face-to-face with a computer screen – not someone looking them in the eye and expecting them to say something funny or catchy. They may be nervous about meeting you and come across as a different person or say something that sounds silly, but don’t hold it against them. You would want them to do the same for you.

  1. Keep the Conversation Light (No Exes, Politics, and Religion)
    It’s important to know about your date’s political leanings, religious beliefs, and past relationships if you really want to know who they are and/or if you want to build a future with them. However, we really believe that these things don’t need to be discussed on a first date – especially with the way the political, religious, and social climate is today.

Even if you’ve already talked about these topics online, make this date a way to have fun and get to know each other’s interests, personality traits, and passions. You never know what’s going to bother someone… or what might bother you.

  1. Don’t misrepresent yourself
    Remember how I mentioned those expectations earlier? The same goes for your date’s assumptions of you. Don’t try to be this ideal person or someone you think they want you to be. You are only going to misrepresent yourself. You have to be your true self because you want to know if they like who you really are or just your idea. If you don’t, maintaining it will be a tiring task.

Photo of a woman taking off her mask It sounds weird, but you really need to be as yourself as possible. This will be beneficial for both of you and will determine whether you really like each other or not.
And it’s okay to admit if you’re feeling a bit jaded or anxious about moving things from online to offline. People appreciate honesty and authenticity. Most likely, they are feeling the same way.

  1. Listen as much as you speak
    It happens to all of us – we tell a story and move on, and then it leads to another story, and then, before you know it, you pause the conversation for the last 20 minutes Is. During your date, be mindful of how much you’re talking, how many questions you’re asking, and if you’re actually listening for answers or just waiting to say the next thing that’s on your mind. .

They will love the fact that you care about their life and thoughts, and as a result, they may extend the same courtesy to you. A date is like a dance – it takes double as much conversation as it takes two to tango!

  1. Watch Your Body Language
    Most communication is nonverbal, so your body language is telling your date more about you than your stories. When you’re facing your date, placing your hands or arms toward them, lightly touching them, making eye contact, or crossing your legs toward them It displays positive body language. It shows that you are interested.

Picture a bad date Crossing your arms, constantly looking at your phone or watch, or being away from them are all signs that you are not engaged and present with your date.
On the other hand, you display negative body language when you turn to the side, move around, look at doors, your phone or watch, don’t make eye contact, or cross your legs away from them. are doing. This is signaling to them that you are uncomfortable and probably not interested.

  1. Limit How Much You Drink
    I love sipping beer like the next person on a date, and it can help calm the nerves. But you don’t want to overdo it. You run the risk of making a bad first impression, or you may say or do something you normally wouldn’t if you weren’t drinking. I have friends who have admitted to having a few drinks on a date because of alcohol and kissing the person even though they weren’t into them. I am guilty of this too.

Keeping your drinking to a minimum is also another safety precaution – he could slip something into your drink at any time, and it’s always best to keep enjoying yourself as much as possible about yourself, obviously.

  1. Try To Keep It For Two Hours Or So
    Five Hour Date: When a movie leads to drinks, drinks lead to dinner, dinner leads to dessert, dessert leads to a walk, and walks lead to a nightcap. I have these dates. My friends have these dates. And I bet you have these dates. They’re magical, and I don’t want to take them away from you. But there’s something to be said for keeping a date of two or three hours.

You can have a good time photographing the end of a date, and then you see that it’s been five hours. However, long first dates foster strong feelings that may not actually be real yet.
Like a some-planned-after tip, this tip is all about getting a valid out if you need it. There’s nothing wrong with calling at night after two hours because you have a day full of meetings or you have to take your dog home. If you and your date are hitting it off, this tip is all about speeding yourself up. You want to give yourself a chance to miss each other’s company and are butterflies in advance for that second date.

  1. Whoever asked should pay the bill
    It used to be that men always paid for the first date and sometimes after the second, third, and many more. Today, however, most people (59%) are of the view that whoever asked for the date should pay for it. It is reasonable to expect this as gender roles evolve and expectations fade away altogether.

However, if you prefer to go Dutch, or if you strongly believe that the man should pay, definitely feel free to bring it. It may be more convenient to do this online before going on a date. For the confidence of the latter, we would say be prepared to receive feedback and feedback that you may not like.

  1. If It Feels Right, Move On
    We’re all adults here and can make our own decisions, and none of us have a place to judge someone for kissing or having sex with someone on a first date. Sometimes it works for people, sometimes it’s a one-night stand and nothing more, sometimes a kiss is just what the couple wants to go through right now – whatever the situation, you have to. Be true to your heart and trust your instincts. If you are in them and safe, then more power to you!

First kiss photo You two are the only ones who can determine if a kiss (or more) is perfect on a first date, but we’ve got your back either way!
We actually researched this topic (by balancing responses based on age, sex, income, race, sexuality, and other factors to accurately represent the population) and found that 70% have kissed and 34% have kissed. Have sex on the first date. However, don’t let that pressure put you down – everyone goes at their own pace in life and dating.

  1. Go ahead and ask for another date
    The dating game is old news – if you two had a great first date, there’s no need to wait three days to text or call and ask for a second date or wait for them to start. Go ahead and plan a second date when you are on the first date. It shouldn’t be anything serious or commitment-heavy (keep their availability in mind), but it can just be a casual invitation like “Hey, I had a lot of fun tonight and would love to see the museum we’re talking about. We’re talking earlier if you have a free day next week.”

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