5 Ways To Manage Your Diet For Diabetes

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Diabetes is a condition characterized by abnormally high levels of glucose in the bloodstream. In this, the body uses the insulin produced by the pancreas to lower blood sugar levels. If a person’s pancreas does not produce enough insulin, the body will develop diabetes.

A short list of symptoms of diabetes includes excessive hunger, thirst, increased urge to urinate, and fatigue. But the safest way to find out whether you have diabetes is to take a blood sugar test. Its also known as a glucose tolerance test.

Type 1 diabetes
Type 1 diabetes: MedlinePlus Genetics

The most severe form. It is usually treated with special dietary restrictions, exercise, and sometimes insulin. Type 1 diabetes is usually treated with a special diet, exercise, and weight loss plan before insulin is added. This type of diabetes is considered an insulin-dependent disease.

Type 2 diabetes,
Type 2 diabetes: symptoms, causes and treatment | healthdirect

It is a less severe form of diabetes that is first treated with a diabetic diet, Exercising, and losing weight. If these measures do not control blood sugar and insulin levels, oral medications may be added. Then finally insulin is considered if these don’t work as well. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in adults of middle age or older, which is why it is sometimes called late-onset diabetes. In this case, the pancreas is still producing the correct level of insulin but the body has become resistant to it.

Five “rules” you should follow:
1. Cut down on breakfast and then replace the type of food you eat.

Certainly, my biggest downfall though wasn’t obvious to me. When I started college, I had little or no routine, which meant filling my day was hard, and showing up in the kitchen for breakfast, no matter how healthy I felt, was a regular occurrence. This is one of the most difficult tasks for some people, but establishing a good routine is essential to taking good care of diabetes. Types of snacks to eat are unsalted nuts, unsweetened dried fruits, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables (I like fresh red peppers and cucumbers), and dark chocolate (rich and bland, you usually only want two squares).

2. Cut down on white flour and cut down on whole grain carbs.
The Best Diabetes-Friendly Diets to Help You Lose Weight

It is the most important part of your diet and the thing that can show the biggest increase in weight loss. Few diets actually focus on this point, and it is very successful. Whole wheat (especially whole algae) is great for you and has a lot of flavors that make the switch a lot easier than you might think. Most people are actually surprised at the ranges you find in your supermarket, and again remember that the best bread for you is the freshest bread with the fewest preservatives or added ingredients. Plus, brown or basmati rice is a lovely nutty texture is well. While pasta is great for potatoes, I totally recommend new, smaller potatoes.

3. Stop drinking cocktails, start drinking.

Cocktails are full of sugar, coloring, and preservatives. As a student, I made a lot of practice of going out and not drinking cocktails, so my drinks of choice are Malibu and Diet Coke if I feel like drinking something and making it up all night. Then I can fill up on a Diet Coke (which has almost no sugar) and feel like I’m drinking a Malibu, who should know. If you’re at a restaurant, red wine is better than anything you can order (except water, of course!) and the antioxidants in red wine are great for keeping your ing heart healthy. The recommended amount is one cup per day with your evening meal.

4. Start cooking more fruits and vegetables.
Foods That Can Decrease Your Diabetes Risk, Says Dietitian — Eat This Not  That

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good way to eat all the vitamins and minerals whenever you need them. There are many different ways to cook vegetables, but I find that steamed is best followed by raw. Both the methods also retain all their natural goodness. I will follow this post with the latest diabetic recipes.

5. Drink more water.

I know you must have heard people say this many times before, but the benefits of drinking more water are endless. Some tips on how to get more water into your day are to put water bottles first everywhere you go at home or work. So keep one cup in your office, on your desk, in the kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, etc. Try drinking all of these cups and you’ll be on your way to drinking 8 cups a day. The trick is to add a cup every few days, if you try to drink all that water at once you won’t be tempted to drink 8 cups again, trust me! try it, it’s.

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